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Sustainable Wallcoverings | Easy-To-Apply | 1000+ DIY Finishes

The biggest benefits of DI-NOC™ is that it is high quality, easy to install, inexpensive and durable. The material of this wall-covering is similar to wallpaper but much more thick and durable.

Due to the quiet and dust free installation, 3M DI-NOC is ideal for renovation and design in clinics, offices, hospitals, beauty parlors, spas, museums, malls, and restaurants.

  • LEED Eligible – Reduce your impact on the environment & feel confident as DI NOC™ is LEED certified
  • Affordable – Great cost efficient material when being compared to actual milled or stone

Wallcovering | Commercial & Residential Applications

3M™ DI NOC™ Uses

CupboardsLifts / ElevatorsPartitionsDepartment Stores
Conference RoomsPublic SpacesHospitalsBathrooms

Sustainia’s Most Affordable Wall-Coverings

3M DI-NOC™ is the most affordable wall surfacing solution offered by Sustainia – This vinyl wallpaper film is highly conformable and can be applied to various surfaces from repair work on tables and cabinets all the way to resurfacing / finishing full walls or ceilings

  • Easy Application – The 3M™ Comply™ adhesive technology used in the trusted 2080™ series automotive vinyl – This technology eliminates air bubbles and creates strong bonds between many substrates
  • Highly Durable – 3M DI NOC™ will look amazing for years to come – 3M™ offers a warranty of 12 years+ when installed by a qualified DI NOC™ installer, listed on the 3M™ website

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Vinyl Wallcoverings Films

State of the art developed with quality and sustainability as the top priority, 3M created the newest line of Architectural surface finish films which allow users to take advantage of the latest advancements in wallpapers.

High quality, many textures and design options available, this film is  the designers secret for surface finishes!

Sustainia offers over 1000+ different pattern options to choose from with over 100+ readily available in stock for quick shipping! Some benefits of DI NOC™ Films


For the every day user intending on a quick fix or refurnish using our collection of luxurious wall coverings. Our latest product, ‘ 3M DI NOC™ ‘, is a luxury wallpaper film with over 1000+ designs available to choose from – Easy, quick and dust free installation!
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Combine beauty with function using our fine collection of porous ceramics – Created by master ceramicists, INAX™ ; Introduces their newest product ‘ ECOCARAT ‘ – Improves indoor air quality naturally using the moisture regulating properties of the stone.

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Our top-of-the-line product offering of living green walls. Natural planting provides interiors with endless benefits and are seeing a huge increase in popularity! At Sustainia, we provide full consultation and project management services for the installation of living walls.
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3M™ DINOC™ Swatch / Sample Book

Get the official complete 3M DINOC Colour Chart – New & updated with the latest collection of 38+ 2020 ultra-matte series designs and textures.

This booklet features the full selection of wall coverings by 3M™

See the complete DINOC product offering in Sustainia’s ” DIY-Series “

  • This booklet is a must have for Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors that are environmentally conscious and forward thinking.
  • With over 1000+ designs and finishes, 3M™ DI NOC™ Architectural Finishes offer textures and designs for everyone.