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At Sustainia, our roots and vision stem from Japanese philosophy “Ikigai” (生き甲斐), which can be vaguely defined as – ‘A reason for being‘. Our passion as a company is to give meaning to people’s lives through sustainable and clean living. We believe that a forward thinking lifestyle can bring meaning and purpose into peoples lives through the value of nature. Sustainability is becoming the top priority of many companies around the world going into the 21st century as the importance of preserving our planet becomes more evident.

At Sustainia, we take extra care in researching and providing environmentally friendly products; Through working exclusively with manufacturers and suppliers that value sustainability, we are able to provide an informative and transparent shopping experience. We take pride in collaborating with companies that value the planet and work hard in addressing the growing climate crisis.

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A Reason For Being

Any product purchased at Sustainia is guaranteed to be sustainability approved. We ensure that all necessary product information is clear and concise so that people are able to make the best choices. It’s our mission to make the world a better place and any effort can help.

  • The extended benefits of sustainable materials is being appreciated by interior designers and architects around the world. People are realizing the value of preserving nature and the planet by living a forward thinking lifestyle. 
  • We live in an era of globalization and the era of the sustainability. Eco-Friendly is the new fashion and greatly valued by companies around the world – Make a statement about your company through the use of sustainable products!
  • Try something new by repurposing old furniture or finishes – Why throw away old materials simply because they don’t suit your design intentions when resurfacing solutions are available in over 1000+ options?

A Place For The World To Grow

We dedicate our efforts into research so that people can enjoy the benefits of clean living through the use of functional & modern materials.

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From ceramic tiles to vinyl wallpaper; Our eco-friendly finishes compete with modern luxury materials. 

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Over the years we have sourced only the highest quality & sustainable materials and resources.

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Happy Customers

People have seen amazing improvements in interior comfort using our sustainable materials.

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Creative Features

Our collection of unique tiles use light and dimension to enhance the visual atmosphere of any room.

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