Sustainia’s Most Affordable & Sustainable Surface Finish

State of the art developed with quality and sustainability as the top priority, 3M created the newest line of Architectural surface finish films which allow users to take advantage of the latest advancements in wallpapers. High quality, many textures and design options available, this film is  the designers secret for surface finishes!

Sustainia offers over 1000+ different pattern options to choose from with over 100+ readily available in stock for quick shipping!

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We dedicate our efforts into research so that people can enjoy the benefits of clean living through the use of functional & modern materials.

Modern-Day “Earth Wall”; Inherited From Japanese Wisdom


Quality combined with functionality is the best way to define INAX ECOCARAT. The modern design options available in this collection of tiles bring life into any interior. ECOCARAT has invisible micro-pores that are able to absorb excess moisture when a room is damp, and release it back when the room requires it. These moisture-regulating properties also allow for odor regulation within a space. ECOCARAT tiles inspire contemporary designers due to their unique aesthetic surfaces and remarkable functional properties. This line of porous ceramic tiles are guaranteed to improve the air quality of any interior.

ECOCARAT is made from “Allophane”, a natural mineral contained in volcanic ash, which has innumerable micro-pores. This combined with the natural ionic exchange phenomenon of Allophane enables ECOCARAT to passively reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) and absorb moisture. All tiles are manufactured in Japan and gained popularity in the Asian and European markets in recent years & now available in North America from Sustainia. ECOCARAT has been improving air quality in Japanese public building such as clinics, hospitals, kindergartens, beauty parlors, spas, museums, cafes and restaurants.


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Top Tier Sustainable Surfaces by Sustainia


At Sustainia, the designer series includes top-class architectural surface finishes. These luxurious finishes regulate humidity naturally using planting and hydroponics to purify the interior space. Approximately 25% of carbon emissions made by human activity are absorbed by plants. Jungles in the Amazon rainforests regulate the global oxygen; Living walls contribute to interior carbon absorption by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen using the same principle.

By using green walls inside your building, occupants can benefit from the healthier environment which means, fewer headaches, less eye irritation, reduced incidents of illness and increased productivity. At Sustainia, we pride ourselves in giving professional consultation services for the full green / living walls project. We work with you to select the perfect design by creating beautiful renderings, technical drawings, full estimation / purchasing, project management and much more!