Attractive and functional, ECOCARAT is a ceramic tile produced from a natural clay-like mineral characterized by innumerable micro-pores. This interior architectural surface finish offers exceptional odor reduction and humidity and condensation control – reducing harmful substances in the air, including volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and toluene. Furthermore, complex patterns and styles easily produce expressions of natural materials resulting in amazing natural ambience.

” Natural Capacity Of Mud And Clay Reproduced For Adsorption Of Excess Indoor Humidity And Odors “

ECOCARAT consists of pores that absorb and release air – A typical pore within the material is 1 nanometer which is the ideal size for absorbing moisture and odors. These pores offer superb air-cleaning capacity, even when compared to naturally materials that purify air.


The mechanism of ECOCARAT consists of moisture regulation which captures and releases humidity within an interior. This technology works similar to breathing by releasing moisture to the indoors when they are dry, while absorbing it during humid conditions. Additionally, ECOCARAT features a deodorizing function which eliminates every day odors. Another quality of the ECOCARAT stone is the microscopic pores in the material that are able to absorb ammonia and hydrogen sulfide which are the most common source of lifestyle odors.

Testing has shown that any odors are released slowly, below any noticeable levels. (Olfactory sensitivity may vary by the individual, however.)

The base material holds this characteristic, which is semi-permanent. The functional benefit will not deteriorate or change.

INAX recommends their ECONUR brand. If this special adhesive product cannot be obtained, use any acrylic emulsion adhesive.

The guideline is a volume-to-area ratio of 0.1 (cubic room volume (m²) multiplied by 0.1 to derive surface area (m²)). *Thus, an area of 10 m² or more is desirable for a room of 100 m².

Saturation might occur if relative humidity remained at 100% for many days. In the real world, however, humidity levels would never lead to saturation.

Use a moistened cloth and quickly wipe off any adhesive before it hardens. For any unwiped areas where adhesive remains and hardens, spray on neutral detergent and rub off with a moistened cloth.

With sufficient moisture and nutrients, mold may develop just like on other materials. For example, oily uncleanliness like ketchup or mayonnaise adhered to the surface may cause mold to grow at those sites. We recommend chlorinated bleach agents for maintenance to counteract any mold growth.


ECOCARAT can experience large variations in expression of materiality depending on the type of lighting technique used to illuminate the façade. Downlighting and indirect lighting as an alternative to general ceiling lighting are recommended to use with ECOCARAT tiles. When combined with light these beautiful tiles can exquisitely enhance the shaded feel and dimension of natural stone to create luxurious spaces. Designers and architects are in love with this material!

ECOCARAT™ And Lighting Combined Render Expressions And Enable Attractive Creation Of Space

INAX ECOCARAT Is The Modern-Day “Earth Wall”; Inherited From Japanese Wisdom


Quality combined with functionality is the best way to define INAX ECOCARAT. The modern design options available in this collection of tiles bring life into any interior. ECOCARAT has invisible micro-pores that are able to absorb excess moisture when a room is damp, and release it back when the room requires it. These moisture-regulating properties also allow for odor regulation within a space. ECOCARAT tiles inspire contemporary designers due to their unique aesthetic surfaces and remarkable functional properties. This line of porous ceramic tiles are guaranteed to improve the air quality of any interior.  


“Japanese traditional construction uses ‘Earth Wall’ to accommodate changing weathers in Japan. ECOCARAT is inspired by these traditional methods”

ECOCARAT is made from “Allophane”, a natural mineral contained in volcanic ash, which has innumerable micro-pores. This combined with the natural ionic exchange phenomenon of Allophane enables ECOCARAT to passively reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) and absorb moisture. All tiles are manufactured in Japan and gained popularity in the Asian and European markets in recent years & now available in North America from Sustainia. ECOCARAT has been improving air quality in Japanese public building such as clinics, hospitals, kindergartens, beauty parlors, spas, museums, cafes and restaurants.


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Combine beauty with function using our fine collection of porous ceramics – Created by master ceramicists, INAX™ ; Introduces their newest product ‘ ECOCARAT ‘ – Improves indoor air quality naturally using the moisture regulating properties of the stone.

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