After graduating high school, my skills in photography developed into an interest in design and architecture. Graduating from Humber College as an Architectural Technologist taught me the high value and importance of sustainability in architecture and design. The forward thinking lifestyle is becoming more popular and encouraged globally and is a trend that is guaranteed to pick up in the 21st century. After people become educated on their personal impacts from daily choices on the planet they make better consumer choices.

“The Biggest Asset to the 21st Century is Information – Ignorance Towards the Environment Is No Longer Bliss.”

My vision for Sustainia started in 2015 with a passion for material specification and sustainability throughout my studies at Humber College. I learned from this experience that a major buffer in the global sustainability effort is the lack of availability and abundance of sustainable materials. Designers and contractors are unaware of the available options for materials which are able to save their clients money simply by reusing the existing materials and conditions on site. Consumers are un-aware of products that are both sustainable and functional. Some people refuse to believe in climate change, while others do not think that the choices they make today can lead to a better tomorrow. Sustainia was developed to educate and provide sustainable materials for people ranging from architects and designers to contractors and hobbyists. When you shop at Sustainia, you are guaranteed to be making a positive change in the world today.