Tri-Edge Plus

Tri-Edge Plus Specialized Squeegees

Use this Cleaning / Installation / Application Tool to easily and efficiently access + clean hard to reach areas and corners during prep and installation of vinyl and window films.

These squeegees are used  by many industry professionals for the toughest situations to prep surfaces, corners and is a must have for installers and common users of 3M™ DI NOC™ Products.

 The Tri-Edge Plus is a must have for all film application / installation jobs!

$2.99 CAD

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Tri-Edge Plus | Specialized Application & Installation Squeegees

This product is part of Sustainia’s specialized squeegee collection which includes all of the specialized squeegees and tools required used for specific film installations and scenarios.

Inside the Specialized Squeegees Collection we offer essential industry standard tools used by film installers to tackle the toughest situations – Tight Areas, Hard-to-Reach Areas, Sensitive Surfaces, Corners, Curves and more.

Find Soft Cards, Hard Cards, Tri-Edge Cards, EZ-Reach Corner Cards, Contour Cards and more inside our

Full Collection of Squeegees for Application and Installation of Vinyl and Window Films!

Try the Tri-Edge Plus today for a smooth experience during film installation!
Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in
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